What to expect at Achimota Retail Centre, Nsawam Highway


The Achimota Retail centre or Mall which is located off the Nsawam Highway is a new shopping pit stop for the residents of Achimota. Saving them from having to travel down to Accra Mall which is now under serious pressure from footfall. Additionally making a nice stop before Shaaba Mall which is located just off George W Bush Highway. The current car park at Accra Mall is unable to manage the capacity. Whilst Achimota Mall seems to have been built by taking into consideration all the pitfalls of the other malls and retail parks in Ghana. To alleviate the pressure of cars Achimota Mall has an underground car park as well as a vast parking lot for cars.

Like most new malls or retail centres now being built in Ghana. Achimota Retail Centre seems to have followed the same formula. Here you can find at the centre ShopRite who are clearly setting themselves up as the WalMart of Ghana.

However, the key difference here at Achimota Retail Centre is the open space and the way the area is laid out. Allowing for shoppers to mingle in and out of shops freely.

Another up side is the selection of food outlets, the one place we really enjoyed was Chop Bar, even though we never sat inside we were able to order from this place from another food place as they had run out of fried plantain. As this retail centre is still new there are a few empty shop fronts with posters as to whom is coming. Hopefully by the next time we visit it will be full but it allows for more bespoke retail shops to open.


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