Amakye and Dede: Film Review; a comedy about two friends one girl


They say timing is everything and it seems by going with an Easter holiday premier one of the most-talked about Ghanaian movies in recent times, ‘Amakye and Dede’, arguably became one of the most attended premieres at the Silverbird Cinemas on Easter Saturday March 26, 2016.

So before we even start to review this film firstly we just wanted to clear up the name. Yes, you may have noticed as we did in the office that this film almost shares the same name as legendary Ghanaian highlife musician Amakye Dede. But it’s nothing to do with him. This movie is about two characters Amakye and Dede.As crowds amassed at West Hills and Accra Sikverbird cinemas to watch the latest movie from Kofas Media featuring renowned Ghanaian stars Majid Michel, Kalybos, Ahuofe Patricia, John Dumelo, Roselyn Ngissah, Salma Mumin, Emelia Brobbey, Moesha Buduong, Grace Nortey, Fred Nuamah and many others.

Like a major Hollywood mash up Amakye and Dede has brought together some really big named actors to bring this romantic comedy to life and boy do they bring it to life? If you have seen the 2012 Hollywood film “This Means War” staring Reese WitherspoonChris Pine and Tom Hardy. This movie follows a similar formula. Where two men fall for the same girl and go about trying to impress her. However, Amakye and Dede the two main protagonist do away with the slap stick humour and expensive explosive special effects of Hollywood and gives us a film with a great story line and very believable and likable characters

The plot of Amakye and Dede movie explained

The movie tells the story of two friends; Amakye (Kalybos) and Dede (Majid Michel) who fall in love with the same girl Emefa (Ahuofe Patricia).The two charactors who grew up together, went to same schools, worked together and basically did everything together but realise that they have fallen for the same girlThe entire film then revolves around their endless efforts in competition for her attention. In the twists and turns, they go through individual and mysterious situations to win the heart of the girl, but at the end, the lady can only fall for one of them We will keep the spoiler alerts to the minimum as it is a must see movie But all we have to say is that there is a twist to this story as to who wins the heart of the Emefa, So we will leave the guessing to you

Amakye and Dede provides just the right level of suspense and action to keep you engaged. Overall as a film we have to give a big pat on the back for the director for delivering a uniquely Ghanaian touch to the movie through the use Twi and Ewe as dialogue. So Check out Amekey and Dede today we promise you will not stop laughing..


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