Azaguno at the National Theatre Accra 14 to 19th November 2016


national_theatre_azaAZA Celebration: The National Theatre of Ghana with its two prestigious companies, The National Dance Company and National Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with Ohio University and Azaguno, Inc. from the United States of America

About Azaguno

Azaguno is a colorful and vibrant Multi-ethnic Ensemble international touring group, which focuses on research, preservation, education and performance of traditional African American, Caribbean and Latin America music and dance. The ensemble also creates contemporary intercultural works in new theatrical contexts that fuse the artistic and aesthetic cultural values and resources representative of African experiences in world history. Through the Drum, the Voice, the Dance and other visual art forms and paraphernalia, Azaguno brings to the stage a unique African theatrical experience.

Azaguno Our Mission
* To learn and perform African musical arts and dance as they occur in their authentic settings.
* To create new forms of African and African derived presentations in a new theatrical context
* To create new curricula initiatives for the teaching and learning of African and African derived musical arts and dance.
* To create opportunities for people all over the world to experience the musical arts and dance of the African Diaspora
* To promote international programs of study in Africa, Caribbean and Latin America

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