Chale Wote Street Art Festival – 15th August 2016


#SpiritRobot Chale Wote Street Art Festival

The Chale Wote Street Art Festival  is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance and performance in Accra’s James Town district in August on 15th to the 21st August This years theme is #Spirit Robot

The 2016 edition has been expanded to a full week of activities which feature more than 200 artists showcasing a wide array of mediums and projects. There will also be some international attractions with more than 30 artists coming from 10 different countries. The organisers have explained that the idea behind Spirit Robot “refers to the energetic ability of festival participants to create a new encounter with reality that is entirely of our choosing and construction.”

Last year 2015 it was estimated that more than 30,000 people participated in the now four-day event


About the Festival

The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival is the collective effort of many young people—ranging from artists, musicians and writers to designers, students and activists—who will work together to produce Accra’s first annual street art festival.

Chale Wote 2016This festival takes place in Jamestown and includes street painting and stencil work, sidewalk painting and chalk art, graffiti murals, large photography displays, live music performances, spoken word and dramatic storytelling, cultural dance and drumming, youth art workshops and much more. Expect huge crowds as the place is taken over by art lovers, students, artists and musicians, tourists, Jamestown residents, and everyday people throughout the greater Accra region.

The purpose of the festival is to promote the exhibition of alternative art in Ghana and to nurture an appreciation for different kinds of art among Ghanaians. CHALE WOTE means “Man, let’s go!” or is a reference to slippers worn on the feet. Each of us comes from different walks of life but we all have something valuable to contribute. The festival is a completely “Do-It-Yourself.”. A bit like an early Burning Man festival goes make the festival what it is. So its about participating and sharing your art, your music your performance. As the festival has grown there has been increasing interest of large corporates to start branding the event so as they try and get a slice of the action.







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