As Ghana celebrates 59 years of Independence what will the next years bring?


On the 5th March 2016, Ghana celebrated it’s 59 years if independence and what a great 59 years it has been. The day was been filled with celebration and pomp. Even Google provided a doodle to mark 59 years of Ghana independence. To see the doodle click here.

The main celebrations on the 5th March took place  in Independence Square where President John Dramani Mahama entertained other African leader and world delegates. The Theme of this years 59th Independence was “Investing in the Youth for Ghana’s Transformation.”

It is expected Ghana @ 60 will be a really big event marking 60 years of independence for Ghana. We looked back at the historic event that took place in 1957 when Kwame Nkurmah

Below is a list of images from a range of sites detailing the events happening today in Ghana

Ghana 59th Independence, John Dramani Mahama with President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya

President John Dramani Mahama with President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya


Ghana 59th independence parade in Independence Square

Independence Square Parade


Spectators and miltary personal at the 59th Independence Day celebration

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