Keteke: A comedy movie about a journey set in the 1980s that must be seen


Keteke is a comedy drama set in the 1980s and tells the story of Boi (Adjetey Anang) and Atwei (Lydia Forson) They could be considered as ”, A “CRAZY” couple – BOI and ATWEI for trying to make this epic journey. The story unfolds as they miss their train and get stranded in the middle of nowhere or somewhere we don’t know. Atwei is heavily pregnant throughout the journey. The story centres on the relationship of the two main characters and the things they go through and how they deal with them and the people they meet along the way.

The main soundtrack by Worlasi provides a good mix of indigenous and contemporary styles that added a unique flavor to this film. Providing elements of suspense, energy and intrigue that helps to drive this story and take the audience along with the main characters

After missing their train they are stranded in the middle of nowhere as they journey to the next station to try to catch the next train. With Atwei almost due for labor they must find a way to both be each other’s source of strength and wise counsel, or risk losing their unborn child

This film provides a much needed escape from the Hollywood blockbusters all action guns blazing and special effects. Keteke plays on dialogue and the characters to drive the realism that makes the audience appreciate where we are now but also makes you wonder who we managed in days gone by and how at times things were simple innocent but yet memorable.

We recommend if you get the chance to go and see this Keteke mainly showing at SilverBird cinemas Accra. From independence weekend on wards.


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