Movie aware they are not a place to watch films


OK, so there you are innocently looking for something to do on a weekend or week night. It’s a bit of distance to travel  to the main cinema complex as you know owing to traffic you will not make it for the show. You then stumble across the classified advert or poster promoting a local movie house which offers VIP viewing for the latest movies. What a great idea you think. OK, you say let me get a few of my friends so that we can go and watch a movie in a VIP setting. Oh dear…

Not the movie experience you were expecting!

Not the movie experience you were expecting!

That is  what some site users have said and reported upon turning up at a movie house. Beware,  these Movie houses are brothels disguised as  VIP movies venues. The only movies they provide are adult ones with a scantly clad lady waiting for you in a badly lit room to keep you company.

Editors tip:
Movie houses are not movie houses unless you are into that sort thing.


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