Nana Means King: Film Review a story of a young Ghanaian who lost everything


‘Nana Means King’ tells a story of a young Ghanaian who lost everything – even hope in UK. The story follows main character Kwame, who has lost it all and his fight to escape his past.

plot insider

“After losing everything to betrayal, Nana Kwame, a Ghanian illegal immigrant working in the UK, finds himself launched on a personal odyssey of self-discovery. Stripped of nearly all material possession, a place to live, and even his dreams of glory, Kwame must now find his way through the unfamiliar terrain of the displaced and invisible who survive on the edges of western society. Being fed dreams of success and rags to riches stories.

It is in this hour of darkness and despair that his life takes an unexpected turn. When Kwame finds beauty and love growing in the concrete wasteland.

Nana Means King, is a film that is set to convey a high impact social message and world class entertainment is going to be premiered on the 14th of November this year. The film is premiered at Silverbird cinemas, West Hills Mall, Weija.



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