Finding something or somewhere to eat in Ghana is not hard. It is like everywhere you turn and there is something cooking. In the air there is always the smell of something being roasted or cooked but finding those gems of places is where experience and knowing where to go really comes into play.

Ok this page says restaurants but sometimes don’t you feel that the identity of a place is lost by having to go and sit in a formal place. Just like everywhere around the world a stuffy air conditioned place where you are waited on only to be served food that could have been prepared anywhere. I like to call it food by numbers.

Well don’t get me wrong you if you like that sort of thing then there are lots of places to dine out in Ghana just like that. Where you can experience pseudo Ghana type food served in a very European or western way. Or would you prefer to find a place that served you Ghana food that was clean friendly and allowed you to really chow down and leave feeling like “yeah that really hit the spot”. Because travelling is not about going into KFC or MacDonald’s its about experiencing the real food and people. Ok enough of my rant let us talk about restaurants.

Depending on what you are looking for there is a mix of burger bars, pizza parlors, as well as Chinese, Italian etc. But hey we are in Ghana. to be continued…


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