Are you ready to step up to The Counter and create your own custom burger?


The Counter the custom burger restaurant in Accra Mall has made sure to cater to every diet imaginable from paleo, vegan, gluten-free – you name it.  The American franchise is now in Accra Mall and is allowing customer to create some crazy combination of burgers

After an afternoon shopping in Accra Mall or even after watching a movie at Silverbird hunger can manifest in many ways. There is the hunger that needs something quick what I call the substance replacement hunger then there is the hunger that is the I need to be satisfied. At Accra mall you are spoilt for choice with the variety of places to eat. But when it comes to burgers we have to say if you have the time and a little bit of patience or if you know what you like then The Counter custom burgers is the place to feed that I want to be satisfied hunger. Burger lovers could, feasibly, dine weekly for the rest of their lives, creating endless combinations.

The Counter Burger in Accra Mall is located in the food hall area along with all the other restaurants and takeaways so can get busy, but the one thing that sets this place apart is that the people eating here are either connoisseurs or just know what they doing. 

The Counter custom burger menu is extensive remember you have to build your own burger from scratch from the bun you would like to the meat Pattie filling to the toppings the choice is endless. It’s no longer about just having s bacon double with cheese it’s now I want bacon with three types of cheese with relish the list goes on.

To start there is a five-step process from choosing the beef, chicken or veggie burger (or the crab cake), to the selection from eight different kinds of cheese, four toppings and sauce. Toppings range from grilled pineapple to roasted corn and black bean salsa, while sauces include a horseradish aioli, mango chutney and – for a couple of extra cedis – premium guacamole. 

The main difference with the Counter Burger and Burger and Relish is that The Counter do not sell alcohol. But they they a wide variety of soft drinks.

To go with your Burger there is a range of the usual sides chicken wings, sweet potatoes fries and onion rings are served with flavourful dips.

Even though we like burgers at viewGhana we have to say that The Counter custom burger is good for a treat as it can be a little pricey once they add VAT the end of each bill. So be prepared to have less Cedis in your pocket once you have satisfied your hunger. Overall it’s something to tick off your must see and do in Accra.

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