Is the traffic in Accra getting worse?


Ok, it is expected that any seasonal traffic in the centre of any capital city should be busy. But Accra traffic this coming to the holiday season almost came to a standstill. The number of cars on the road the infrequent traffic light phasing plus the number of breakdowns occurring caused huge tail backs. The road from Achimota to Accra became a hawkers paridise as they had commuters and travelers at their disposal.

So much so that the price of items were inflated from fruit (5 Cedis for 6 large fresh grapes) to plantain chips. With no where to go and with rising heat hawkers could dictate their price points. All the things that make Ghana so interesting. With the continuous haggling hawkers still provide excellent customer service because when the traffic does move and your car speeds off. Be assured where ever you are with your transaction street hawkers will run after you just to make sure you have everything you need or sometimes just to give you your change.


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