Kizalsa Salsa every Tuesday at Bedouin Lounge do you fancy a dance ?


So you find that you are free on Tuesday and looking for things to do in Accra? Why not try Kizalsa Salsa

Please note that Kizalsa is a form of salsa and there are quiet a few other venues offering Salsa through out Accra during the week – editor

Every Tuesday if you fancy a dance then why don’t you head down to the Bedouin  Pool Lounge, in East Legon. Yes it is a pool lounge located at Lizzy Sports Complex.

What is Kizalsa Salsa?

It is a lifestyle concept that addresses finding a work/life balance using couple dancing as a primary ingredient. Kizalsa Salsa has created a community of people who connect with each other through their passion for common things and their desire to be classy and alternative. Enjoy salsa good music and like minded people having a good time in a really cool venue. Great weekly evening out. Some people call Kizalsa a meet up we call it a good night out check it out for yourself. Do not worry if you hear the phrase or words Kizomba being banded around the dance concept is the same so if you know about Kizomba then this event is similar with a Ghana twist. (get it..twist)
In the heart of East Legon inside Lizzy Sports Complex Bedouin Lounge is extremely easy to find. Its a little oasis which is well maintained and perfect for lounging. Due to the location and area “East Legon” you are sure to get some real high rollers and wannabe rollers. But its open to all so its a must try and visit venue.

How much does Kizalsa cost?

Cost 10GHC Ghana Cedis per person – however check on the night

Call the Lizzy Sports Complex on Phone: +233 302 542 079


If you are going by taxi due to a lot of people not knowing where it is we recommend you tell the taxi driver you are going to Lizzy Sports Complex in East Legon. From what we have seen and experienced the service you get in the restaurant is not something you really want to write home about.


The location of the Bedouin Pool Lounge at the Lizzy Sports Complex, Cotton St, Accra, Ghana


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