YFM Area Codes Jam 4th March 2017 at Trade Fair LA, Accra


YFM Area Codes Jam is an annual entertainment show that is held in some selected communities around Ghana

The 2017 YFM Area Codes Jam is sponsored by Guinness and will take place  The Ghana International Trade Fair, La

“YFM Area Code Jams has over the years maintained the record of being the number one event in Ghana that brings entertainment to the doorsteps of the youth. This year 2017 promises to be even bigger and better than the ones we have had before,” Miss Naa, Station Manager of YFM,

This is expected to be an event not be missed for the over 18s with a selection of artistes in Ghana and expect the best of performances at the Area Codes Jam 2017.

Where to find the Ghana  International Trade Fair,  La


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