Latest events at the National Theatre in Accra

The National Theatre Accra

The National Theatre Accra

The National Theatre Ghana is located in the Victoriaborg district of Accra. Opened in 1992 the venue is a must see and is unmissable due to the unique structure. From a distance the theatre resembles an impressive ship sailing through the city. The National Theatre Ghana has gradually become an icon of Accra like he Sydney Opera house. The building houses the three resident companies of the National Dance Company, the National Symphony Orchestra, and the National Theatre Player.

There are many events that take place at The National Theatre below are some of the latest events



Premier Event at the National Theatre Accra


ITAN the Story at the National Theatre Accra

ÌTÀN the story is a total theatre production with rich drama, music and a blend of cultural and contemporary dance. The play also brings to the fore, the tension and misunderstanding that often exists between different age-generations. ÌTÀN is written by Ayo Jaiyesimi founder of THESPIAN Family Theatre & Productions, showcases Àsìkò  who intervenes in a feud between hotheaded village elder and his newly discovered ‘city, roller-coaster’grandson. Both strongly rooted in their beliefs, refuse to shift their grounds in their battle for ‘generational’ supremacy.  Àsìkò takes them on a journey into the past and the future and they both discover dark secrets that make them come to terms with the fact that they need each other to survive.

DATE: 27th July

TIME: 3pm and 7pm

  • GHC60 FOR ADULTS and
  • GHC90 for VIP


According to tradition, children are expected to accept and obey every instruction given them by their parents.
The story is told of Sasa a small boy, his younger sister, Esi and Subruku a Giant, who is the king of the forest. In this story we see Patam, a very wonderful dog and Papa, the father of the two children. They live in the heart of a forest because their father was a hunter. Usually, Papa leaves Sasa and Esi at home while he went a long way into the bush to hunt with the warning of them staying indoors. However, one day Sasa disobeyed his father and went out. The question is what will happen to Sasa? For the rest of the story, come and see great spectacle with lots of special effects in make-up and light.


DATE: 28th July


  • GHC50 FOR ADULTS and

Regular events taking place at the National Theatre in Accra in 2017

Every First Friday of the month the National Theatre in Accra hosts HIGHLIFE TIME

This event is a live band performance which features a new band each month.

Time is 6.30pm prompt with tickets from  GHC 10.00.

So if you want to dance and have a good time come and enjoy Highlife Time

The Chocho concert party Every second Sunday of the month

The second Sunday of every month come and enjoy the Chocho Concert party, which is a range of short plays, comedy and music. The stage drama is an educative programme which helps to tell the real story of Ghana through many different forms. Its an entertaining experience where you will be entertained by a range of artists



Third sunday of every month at the National Theatre Accra

This is a theatrical programme with performances created by children for children which includes Poetry, Dance, Drama, Brain Challenge, and Music

Tickets are GHS 4.00.

Find out more at the National Theatre Ghana (please note that this link will take you to the National Theatre official web site but for some strange reason their content still and keeps displaying events from 2016 and even later, but all the contact details should be correct)



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